Are you prepared to Save a Life?

Why We're Here

There is no value that can be placed on life and we believe that our training will directly affect the lives of people in our community for good.

What We Do

We Teach the American Heart Association's most up-to-date and effective methods of CPR and First Aid.

How We're Different

We focus our best efforts on instructing the individual ensuring that every student feels confident and competent in their skills.

Courses are offered in our classroom or on-site at the location of your choice for groups of 5+.

  • We are dedicated to excellence!
  • Quality one-on-one instruction!
  • Flexible scheduling!
  • Mobile classes for large groups!
  • Best pricing in the area!

Healthcare Provider Courses

  • Medical Professionals
  • Dental Professionals
  • EMS Personnel
  • Healthcare Students

Heartsaver Courses

  • Company Emergency Teams
  • General Public
  • Assisted Living Employees
  • Athletic Coaches and Teachers
  • Certified Family Homes

Group Courses

Schedule a class for your small, medium or large group at a time that works for you. We offer group courses on-site at the location of your choice! Everything you need to get certified is brought right to you and instruction is provided in your comfort zone.


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Be Prepared